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Employee discounts for UPS Employees

You might be qualified to get employee discounts on UPS shipping services as a perk of working for UPS. To qualify for this employee discount, you must first register at by clicking the link provided, read the accompanying terms, and then accept them.

1) Eligible Employees: The Employee Discount program is open to all permanent UPS employees, including union employees, who are currently employed or retired and have access to UPSers. The program is not open to employees from Puerto Rico or any other US territory. UPS vendors, third-party resellers, franchisees, franchisee employees, contingent workers (including temporary workers, outsourced workers, and independent contractors), and deferred retirees without access to are not eligible. After leaving their position with UPS, eligible employees who sign up for the Employee Discount program may, at UPS’s discretion, remain eligible for the program.

2) Discounts (referred to as “Incentives”): UPS will offer you discounts (referred to as “Incentives”) for the UPS services listed in Exhibit A. These discounts will be applied to the UPS Standard List Rates that are in effect at the time of shipping. Only packages shipped under a single UPS account will be eligible for the incentives. For the duration of this agreement, you will receive the appropriate Incentive for each eligible package or shipment that is sent with your registered UPS account. The Motivators might be utilized for delivery administrations for your own and family use, yet you
may not move, exchange, or offer the Motivating forces with any other individual. All charges billed to your UPS account are your responsibility.

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3) Utilization of Electronic Delivery Data As it were, Delivering Areas: You should utilize an UPS Robotized Transportation Framework to get the Motivators. For the purposes of this Employee Discount, a UPS Automated Shipping System includes WorldShip, UPS Campus Ship, and UPS Internet Shipping. You additionally should give Brilliant Marks on all bundles offered to UPS. A UPS 1Z Tracking Number Bar Code, a Maxicode, a Postal Bar Code, the current UPS Routing Code, an appropriate UPS Service Icon, and other elements are all included in the definition of a Smart Label found here and in the UPS Guide to Labeling, which may be updated from time to time by UPS. Brilliant Marks might be gotten by visiting and choosing “make a shipment” from the Transportation menu. All bundles should be dropped off to UPS at an UPS Client Center or your work area sorting room as it were. Shipments that originate from locations other than The UPS Store or any other third-party retailer will not be eligible for incentives. Under a separate program, however, UPS employees may receive discounted services at participating The UPS Store locations. Prepaid outbound and freight collect inbound shipments will be eligible for the incentives, but third-party billed shipments will not.

4) Payment: You consent to cover all charges to your record inside the time span expected by UPS.

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